You’ll hear me say this all the time, so pound it into your head now: brand development is one of the most import factors that will make you a successful freelance writer. That’s right, even if you are a sub-par writer, if you build a nice image and respect for yourself you will always be able to find writing jobs.

There are some things that you need to understand about starting a career a freelance writer. I’m sure if any of you have worked for any company, you’ve been instructed to do things that will uphold the brand of the company. Answer the phone a certain way. Wear a certain style of clothing. Brand development is a huge area of concern for business and companies send millions every year to try to influence how people perceive them.

If it is important for all of these big companies, why wouldn’t it be important for you?

If you think about it, branding is even more crucial when you are working for yourself. You don’t have reputation of a large company behind you. People don’t already know or trust you. What will make you stick about above the rest of millions of freelance writers out there? Yeah, your writing maybe superior, but with brand power you’ll stand little chance of making any money in this field.

So how do you go about forging a brand through cyber space that will help launch your career into success? As always, great question. Branding is something that should be on your mind 24/7 and that you should always be aware of. Every email you send, article you write, client you call is a representation of yourself as a writer. People your brand should be something that you should always be working on, however for new writers with little to no experience, Associated Content is the place where you want to start building your brand.

Why do I suggest Associated Content? Because it already has a powerful reputation, it already has powerful connections, and it’s a free platform. As you should know by now, almost anyone can get an article published on AC.

But what is the connection to getting published on Associated Content and developing your brand? Here’s how I see it. In my years of freelance work, one of the first things that client ask for is writing samples, resumes, CV, proof that you have some talent for writing. In my experience blogging, people find bloggers more trust worthy if they drop a line like “Read more of my published articles at Associated Content.”

The fact is that clients, readers, whoever loves to have validation that you are someone trust worthy and knowledgeable. If you are trying to win a freelance job, instead of sending the potential client a word document with your writing sample, why not point to an article you have published on AC? Not only will it seem more professional, but you will the aura of a talent and published author.

The most important thing to focus on when using Associated Content as a branding platform is quality of your writing. Be sure that what is published on AC is something that you would be willing to show potential clients and is a good representation of your writing abilities.