Guest Post Guidelines

1.       Topic Approval

Before you write your post, be sure to send us a brief overview on what you plan on writing. This is to save you time from writing a post that will not be approve. Please try to keep your post relevant to the main topics of this site.

2.       Quality

The main thing WFM is looking for is quality. Please insure that your post is not just filled with fluff and is beneficial to our readers. Proofreader your post before submitting and ensure that it is grammatically clean and does not have typos or other related issues. If we feel that your post does not meet the standards of this site then we will return it to you for more editing.

3.       Originality

Please only submit post that is complete original and belong to you. We do not tolerate plagiarism.

4.       Writing Style

We encourage our writers to remain true to their writing style. However, this website is not as cold as an encyclopedia. Please make your post as lively and personal as possible. We want our readers to feel that we are having a conversation with them.

5.       Length

We ask that you write a minimum of 1,000 words. The is no cap on how long your post can be.

6.       Copyright

Once we accept your guest post, it becomes the property of WFM. We reserve the right to edit it or revise it as we see fit. You may not republish or reprint any your post without our permission.

7.       Links

You may include up to three links in your post with anchor words of your choice as long as they are relevant and are not for SEO purposes only.

8.       Bio

We ask that you submit a two  or three sentence bio with a link back to any of your main pages or social accounts.

9.       Submission

You can submit your post once your topic is approved to writingformoney101 [at] yahoo [dot] com