Staff Guidelines

1.       Positions

Editor:   Responsible for making sure that each post meets the expectations of WFM. 

Writer:  Responsible for posting high quality, relevant content on the site. We are looking for writers to remain long term so that they can build a relationship with the readers. However if that is not possible, we ask for a minimum three month comment. Also may be asked to guest post on other sites.

Marketer: Responsible for promoting WFM and increasing our web presence.

2.       Payment 

WFM staff positions are all contracted. You will be paid through PayPal each month unless another option is discussed. 

 3.       Eligibility

All we ask is that you have some experience writing for money for the writers. Editors should have a strong background in writing. Marketers should be familiar with SEO and other related topics.

You can apply for a position by emailing us at writingformoney101[at]yahoo[dot]com. Please make sure to include anything such as resumes or writing samples that will distinguish you.