Submission Guidelines 

WFM loves to here success stories from our readers. 

1. Name
We'd like to know how you are! If you aren't comfortable reveling your name then a pen name will suffice. 

2. Picture
We'd love to have a picture of you to go along with your testimonial. If you are not comfortable with submitting your picture then feel free to use a logo or something that can uniquely be attributed to you. 

3. Your story
Please be endeapth as possible. Your story will help inspire others. This is your chance to positively change somebody's life. We are not asking you to disclose all of your sensitive financial information; however, give our readers something to look forward to. 

4. Length
We ask that your testimonial be at least 300 words. However, there is no cap to how long it can be. Feel free to use as many words as it takes to get your story across.  

5. Links
You are encouraged to link back to your personal site or blog. However, please exercise tactfulness as the purpose of these post are to encourage new readers and not to promote your site. 


Testimonials submitted to WFM must be your own intellectual property and should not be plagiarized. When submitting a testimonial to WFM, you are agreeing not to republish it anywhere for six months. WFM may edit your testimonial if we deem fit. All gifts will be paid through PayPal. 

You can submit your testimonial to writingformoney101[at]yahoo[dot]com.