I’ve said before, I’ll say it again; there is one thing that is crucial to have if you want to make any kind of money with Associated Content: traffic. Sure you might write a spectacular article and make a quick 10 bucks through the upfront payment, but for those people who are true visionaries and want to make really money with their writing talent then that isn’t enough. With Associated Content’s lifetime performance payment, there is no cap to how much money you can earn with an article.

Thus the million dollar question: how to build traffic to your articles.

Luckily for you you’ve already got a couple things going for you. Associated Content is a highly respected site with many connections. There is a chance that your article might get pick up and republished on several different websites. However, I wouldn’t leave you income up to the whims of chance. It’s time to take matter into your own hands.

Before I dive into getting traffic to your site, I need you to understand that this is a very basics of getting traffic. If you want more a more in-depth analysis, then I would encourage to visit the Market section.

Now, then what do we know about Associated Content, articles, and traffic?

1.Associated Content offers upfront and life-time payments on articles
2.Even the most well-crafted, clever, revolutionary, jaw-dropping article won’t make any money with a steady stream of traffic.
3.Millions and millions of people search the web each second

Once you understand those principles then you will realize just who important it is to tap into that large stream of people who search the web each day. The trick is finding way.

The important thing is to view your article as a small island in a huge ocean (the internet). Chances are very small that someone will just hop in a canoe (Browser) and land one your island. If you want to make people visit your island then you need to have currents that will pull them to it. Off course the bigger, stranger, and more currents you have; the more people will visit your site.

So let’s look at some currents that you can set up

Many people don’t realize that a link is one of the most basic and fundamental means of promoting and marketing on the internet. If you don’t believe me, than consider the success of Google. Google’s bread and butter search. Google realized that people were having trouble find what they were looking for online, and through links created a search engine that connected people to millions of relevant websites.

I say that to say this, the most basic way to get traffic to your site is to simply leave a link where ever you go. Yes, it’s not a current that will carry hundreds of people at a time, but it’s a starting point. And you’ll find over time that once you have many smaller currents flowing to your article, that bigger ones may form along the way.

Most people don’t realize how to successfully market themselves on forums. The point is not to sign up, leave a link, and never return. The whole purpose of forums is to communicate, network, and make connections. Forums always you to build trust with people, build relationships, build your brand. If you’ve been participating in a forum for a few weeks and have gained the respect of the members, when you encourage people to read an article you’ve just posted on Associated Content you can be positive that many of them will.

Once again, it’s just a stream. Not a very big one, but your goal is to have as many streams as possible.

There are many more ways to get some small streams to your site and I can go on and on talking about them, but I won’t. As I said before, this is all covered more in the Market section so if it’s something that you are interested in then please view some of those articles.

But right now I want to get into some of those bigger streams. Those streams that can pull hundreds of thousands of people to your article. If you’re interested in making any kind of money with Associated Content then this is something that you should probably be interested in to. I’m going to go over three of some of the bigger techniques that you can use, once again visit the Market section if you want to know more.

1.Social Bookmarking
This is a tricky one and isn’t as straight forward as the ones before. Social Bookmarking is a great way to get visitors to your articles because if your bookmark goes viral, then you can get millions of views within minutes! However, there is also the chance that your bookmark can just sit there and only give you about 2 or 3 views.

Whether you decide to invest time in social bookmarking is up to you. However I will advise that if you do decide that it is a tool you want to use that you only pick a couple of sites to work with. There are dozens and dozens of social bookmarking sites, and you can waste a lot of time if you are trying to submit your article to all of them.  Pick the three that you like that best and stick with them.

2.Social Media
Being “social” has really been re-invented in this new internet age. Today people are more connect and more informed than ever before. However, in terms of traffic social media will only help you if you are a social writer. If you interact with your readers. If you have some personality. You can’t just throw up a twitter account and expect the masses to follow.

That being said if used right, social media does have the potential to get you the high volume page views that you are looking.

3.Search Engine
And of course by search engine I mean Google. In terms of traffic and consistency, Google search engine still can’t be beat. This is the Holy Grail of all streams and it will hit your article like a tsunami. But just getting pick up by Google is nowhere near enough. You won’t get any traffic if you’re listed on page 32 of the search results. To get any type of traffic from Google you want to be listed preferably on the first page, at list on the first three.

How do you get listed on the first page? Unfortunately that is a whole other monster, and I wouldn’t be about to do it justice trying to teach it in a few paragraphs. However I will leave you with this: backlinks are the really the key to ranking up in Google. 

Now that you know a couple of ways to get streams of traffic to your site, it doesn’t stop here. You’ve got to put your knowledge into use. Remember, the more streams you have, the more traffic you’ll get, the more money you’ll make.

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